Friday, January 18, 2013

A bit of good news, randomness and the reason why I've not been posting!!!


Calamity here, in case my two members have forgotten my name. ^.^
First of all, I'd like to announce something that will benefit all who ever even glance at this blog. Of course...There isn't much glancing happening at the moment. Hopefully, this will change that!!!
Let's start by saying that I really, really don't like making new year's resolutions. They're weird, and demanding, in my opinion.
Oh well, I made one for this new 2013!! (This is the year where, henceforth, there will be no repetitive dates, new great movies and books will come out, and I will...Oh, read on.)  I have decided I will upload a post EVERYDAY on this blog (from this day forward, at least) grandma dies or something absolutely catastrophic happens. Days like those, I will post multiple times a day to make up for it. :D
Of course, my grandma won't be dying anytime soon, because I simply will not let her.
Anyhoo, I've not been posting because...
You know....I could come up with a lot of excuses like:
I'm pregnant (Which, don't worry, I'm not)
Lots of homework!! (Actually homeschooled now, so lots of free time...)
Just been busy
I could tell you the...slightly embarrassing....truth.
...I've become hopelessly infatuated with...
Doctor Who!!
Oh, your probably thinking, you know, I've seen the first couple episodes, loved 'em and that was it. General....normal people stuff.
Nope. I'm not too proud to say I've seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE three times, bought all the merchandise I can afford and....well....done everything a hard core whovian could possibly do.
This very much ate up my blogging time, for when not watching doctor who I was reading, finishing up my novel and popping in occasionally on goodreads to say "Caio" to my buddies over there. :)
Sooo....That's the truth there. And I am so, so sorry.
Now, before I turn this into a complete whovian only blog, with a new name and everything, I decided to stop and wait.
Has Doctor Who become my life?
Not so much, or at least, I don't think so yet. Don't worry, we've already gone over this, I'm Calamity (still am) and always will be.
I'm still obsessed with Harry Potter:
*Umm....Just a little...added flair....*

And I'm still loving MLP:FiM

Doctor Who has just.......Popped into my other life!! ^.^
I'm still Calamity...just a little more...timey wimey.
And I wear bowties. ;)

But, alas, in this post I have promised a wee bit of randomness, and so I believe I will start on the ever exciting topic of...
Harry Potter!!
Hehe. It's my blog. We talk about what I want to talk about. There will be no pop music or yucky yucky stuff here.
My life.
My blog.
Gotta problem with that?
Today's randomness will include a bit of pictures, because honestly, my mother is hollering at me to leave, and when I write my blog posts, I become OCD and end up rewriting them 50,000 times.
And, speaking of 50,000, I did hit my 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo, and my novel is actually FINISHED now!! :D
Oh, and back to Harry Potter.

I WANT this cake.

And I do believe that that concludes the randomness for today. I would like to add that, A) Lindsey Stirling is the most amazing human being alive, and that B) Ravenclaw is the best house.
Thank you, good bye and...
Potter on

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