Sunday, January 20, 2013

....Post Sherlock

If you've not seen season one of Sherlock, do not proceed.

I'm suffering a disease.
I'm tortured, I'm in pain and it isn't healthy.
I am suffering from Post Dramatic Sherlock disorder.

The story of Sherlock:

1) I am rather conspicuous about the show. I am not sure if I want to try it
2) I tentivley watch the first episode
3) I begin to engulph ALL the episodes on Netflix as they are so, so amazing
4) There are none left.

Guys, this is painful.
There is NO MORE SHERLOCKS on Netflix! I don't even know if a season two exists.
Not to mention....I've already practically bawled my eyeballs out today. You know...when John is completely depressed over Sherlock's death. I was just curled up in a little ball, squeezing my chiwawa, sobbing.

Anyway...Fellow Lockians, I'm sorry for ever doubting this show, this amazing show and I NEED to know if there is a second season, so I may continue on living.
It was simply too amazing, and I can not accept that it is over.
I got SIX episodes, and then that was it!!
Le incredibly wistful and sad.
Goodbye, and I am sorry for my rant.
I love Sherlock.
(This diagram now describes me perfectly)

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  1. This is almost a mirror of my post about Gwaine from 'Merlin'...