Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sherlock, Pinterest and Portlandia


Weary Calamity here.
If you're wondering why I'm "Weary" it's because it is 8:22 in the morning and I stayed up until around midnight last night watching "Portlandia" with my mother.

Can I just start off by saying Portlandia is the funniest thing to hit this planet? (And yes, Portlandia "hit" this planet because I am forced to believe it is from Neptune)
I mean, I've never been to Portland, but honestly, let's call my little mountain town a miniature replica. Here's what I'm thinking, the Portland mayor set Fred and Carrie out on a little science expierement to see how mini Portland could function and my town was created.
Noooow....Wee dad's a....rancher.
He voted for Romney.
He thinks my allergies are fake.
He thiiinks....I'm a freak.
But hey!! My dad and I love each other.
We're not like this or anything:

And we're a little bit like this:

But I love him!! :) And I know he loves me.
I'm just a complete freak in his mind.

Anyway, after becoming a hard core whovian (see my last post) I had to officially join the fandom on goodreads and some such, but I started hearing a lot of hullaballoo on this show called "Sherlock".
Now folks, question of the day, do I need to start watching Sherlock??

Oh my gosh!! It has Bilbo Baggins in it!! :D
Okay, so really, really must watch it. It's even in my instant queue on Netflix....I just...
I just need some serious proof.
Does it bring the amazing wit and....geekiness that Doctor Who does??
I just must know! So please tell me!!

Okay, enough on Sherlock. I need to know something about Pinterest....

I actually have a Pinterest, and it's pretty cool. But I also have a Stumbleupon.
Now, I've tried both, and Stumble is just...
Sure, Pin is pretty good, but Stumble is just....
You get my point?
What is all this I hear about Pin that is just so fantastic and knocks Stumble out of the park????
I like both, but Stumble is just....
So!! Comment of the day!!! I want YOU to comment below on which you like better! Stumble, or Pin??? Eh?

Moving on. I have plenty of time to write today because it is a SATURDAY!!!
But I actually really hate parties, and right now, this is the ideal of a good time. I have my morning tea, my PJs on. I just watched a little more Portlandia and I am updating my useless, lifeless blog. ^.^
So, the Saturday thing pretty much means that I will be posting a LOT of stuff today. Mostly because I'm bored, and also because I like this blog now and I've started asking people to follow it.
A while ago, I think it was my 3rd post here, I said that I have my own column in the Valley Voice, and I still do.
But they have T SHIRTS now!! :D
Me in my T, right this second because I'm taking this picture as you read.
And I'm sorry it's such an ugly picture of me, and that my brilliance verbally DOES NOT transcend on to my body. And that my hair is dirty. And that I need to get my hair cut again.
And yes, I AM A GIRL.
And that I'm in my PJ's.
Can we just focus on the fact that I'm wearing my VV t shirt? :D
Here's the story behind the pink...
I really, really hate pink. And I hate P!ink, too.
But it was the only color they had because I came to get my employee T about....a year late.
Yup. And I remember last year like it was only a couple weeks ago...
Anyway, I do believe that will be it for today. You may find that I post later on tonight, but before I leave you, I'd just like you all to see a current picture of my adorable little Fizzgig.
That I am just now taking.

Doesn't she just look like she's having a bawl???? ;)

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