Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Hobbit!!!

As for my post for today, I think I'll be doing a little review on the Hobbit, the movie, and maybe a bit of the book. (I know, I'm late, but it's just now crossed my mind as I've only just started updating my blog) And if I'm in a really good mood I'll rant a little.
Anyway, we'll start with the Hobbit.
Let us begin. ^^
I'd really like to start with the actor's preformances.
Martin Freeman was a bloody genius!! Perfect casting, because he was the perfect Bilbo, in my opinion. And look at him, he's good looking, too. ;)

Good guy. The perfect Bilbo, if you ask me.
But everyone's acting was incredible!! I know the audience appreciated it, but I don't think these actors get as much credit as they should.
You know why??
The cinematography!! It was the best I've ever seen! The best.
Let's rewind briefly.
I am a SERIOUS movie buff. The good, the bad, the in between. The old, the new, the really, really crappy. I've seen it. I've started to get rather bored because I'm out of stuff to watch.
Yes, I read, too. I don't just rot my brain out all day, I just really, really appreciate a good film.
Let us continue.
So I've seen a lot of movies and the Hobbit just topped the list as far as beautiful photography goes. That kind of washed out the amazing acting, but oh well, it was worth it in the least.
It did, however, kind of astonish me that there is going to be THREE movies.
Okay, if I'm completely off, you can correct me, but I'm going to go off a little here.
Anyway, I completely understand two movies. But they've only just met Smaug at the end of An unexpected journey.   The truth is, how much does that leave?
The battle with Smaug and meeting the humans, am I correct? I'll admit, I haven't read this book in about 2 years, so I could be forgetting certain aspects.
That means the second movie will be the humans and the spiders....and the third will be the battle with Smaug.
Hmmm....I do feel as if I am forgetting something, indeed. Oh well.
Anyway, I do have an eeensy confession to make. I really, really LOVE the first part of the book. It all seems so poetic and beautiful. I've always gotten swept away in the majesty of it.
The second....I really do love the whole book, but the second part....with all the battling of Smaug...I don't know, it just loses that majesty. It seems a bit rushed or forced.
I LOVE The Hobbit to the moon and back, but the second part just isn't, to me, AS enjoyable as the first bit.
Oh well. I do believe I'll love the second two movies. They should be just as marvelous as the first one. :)
Also on my mind....
Everyone's favorite little creature.... ^^
I personally, LOVE Gollumn. He is such an original character, and JRR Tolkien is a bloody genius for coming up with him.
I seriously think there should be cults and fandoms based around ONLY Gollumn, because he's....
Sorry, can't describe him. Don't have the words.
I do love his riddles. I have them all memorized.
And the song!! The two songs the dwarves sing at Bilbo's house in the very beginning. I have to admit, the second song, I did tear up a bit. :') I just couldn't help but think how many lives this book has changed.
I mean, this book is the book that practically started fantasy. There wasn't any good, true fantasy before this book!!!!!
I wouldn't be who I am with out this book, because if there was no fantasy in my life, I wouldn't be a writer. I wouldn't be a dreamer.
This book changed my mom's life, too. A lot of people think I'm crazy for this.
I obsess over a lot of books, because I really do believe that these are the things that change lives, but so may people just don't believe, or understand.
They simply can't see how something so small could change a life.
I've just gone over it, and while I'm a very, very reduntant person, I won't go over it again.

I think I've now covered, everything Hobbit-wise, and I will do a wee bit of ranting now. :)
First thing that comes to mind....
I've finished my novel!! :D
November was a crazy month, but I did hit 50,000 words, and then went on two months later to finish a 70,000 word production.
I'm currently writing the second book, but I'm a wee bit disappointed.
I killed off my two favorite characters!!
Right now, I can virtually see you rolling your eyes. You think that, you know, I wrote the darn thing, so I shouldn't be upset. was kind of a bit of an accident.
Sooo....I killed this one character, that was based off one of my friends. When I told him I'd killed him, he got rather upset, and told me to "bring him back". Of course, I kind of wanted to bring that character back, and so I set to work. Of course, then I had to rewrite all  my plans and so the ending had to be completely different.
It ended up with me killing my favorite characters.
Enough said, sorry.
Ummmm...My second book is going pretty good, just missing those two characters, but I'm having fun. :)
Hmmm....I think I'll leave you with some pictures of Emma Watson, because I love her hair and looking at her hair. :)

I actually cut my hair this short to be like beautiful, brilliant Emma. Of course, it's grown out a wee bit now, and I really must re cut it. Maybe the stupid stylist will get what I wanted RIGHT this time. ;)
Nah, she's not stupid. :) Nice lady, just didn't respect my wishes.
A revoir!

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