Sunday, August 26, 2012

On Valley Voice

In Print.

He-he!! See that, that's a big deal! I'm in print, and I'm not giving you the reader's digest version!

    Okay, so here's my story and I'm stickin' to it:
   In my town, there's this little independent newspaper called "The Valley Voice". It's run by this really interesting, nice guy, Paulie Anderson. Anyway, my mom started writing the artist profile, so she was invited to the grand opening, ofcourse. You see, my moms a single mother, and we don't really get baby-sitters all that often so she took me. All the reporters and people who worked for the newspaper were there, and Paulie knew who I was!!
        You see, in November I take part in this thing called Nanowrimo every year. If you do it, you set a goal for how many words you write in one month and then write furiously for the rest of November. I do this every year, and this past year, I got 45,000 words, the highest for any kid above and below my age {6-13}. Infact, the only participant with more words, was the winner, at 50,000, but she's around 50 or so. Anyway, because of that I was in the paper...
      Moving on, Paulie had read about me in the paper and he invited me to write for his paper!! :D
So, in July, I submitted in article, but he denied it due to time and space. Ofcourse, I thought the obvious, he was just being polite and he didn't like my article.  Right?
    "Oh well."
     WRONG!! Next issue, I flip to the back page and there's my article!!!
      Long story short, I've just submited my second article and I'm now an official collumn! The Valley Voice isn't online yet, but when it is I'll have to post some of my articles!



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