Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello there!

         Well my my, you found your way to my humble little adobe. It's nothing special, and I doubt it ever will be, but it will entertain me quite a bit.
        Oh well, not everything needs to have a purpouse, and most things don't, I suppose.
         Anyhoo, I'm Calamity! This blog will not only just be me spouting random things at random times {I seriously might post three different posts in two minutes..} but I'll also post the art I make.
 I'm a photographer, a flute player, a doodler, a writer, a reader and an introvert. Oh! And did I mention I'm eleven? ^.^
     I'll try to do as many posty thingys as I can, so check often!! I'm trying to learn new languages, so I may pop random french, italian or spanish in, so watch out... Chances are, you'll get to know me pretty well, so if you start reading this and you're actually interested e-mail or message me!! I'm always looking for a friend.

   So...I guess that's the jist of it. I'll get better at this. :)


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