Sunday, August 26, 2012

A random Poem

...Post two in two minutes! Yay!! I bet you're proud of me...:D
       Anyhoo, I just wrote a poem and thought I'd share...My poem's aren't usually too good, but they aren't awfull either.
                                 That Girl~ By Calamity
                        The canvas I paint on, you don't understand,
The book I write, won't find in many hands,
I understand, I don't make much sense,
My mind is busy thinking, it's far too emense.
Most people don't like me,
They whisper, and stare,
But hey, who really cares?
I'm "that girl" and happy to be,
Happy to be me, to be completely free.
Other people trapped,
I will never be mapped,
I'm fine with my books,
My art and my looks.
You laugh because I'm different.
And I laugh because your all the same.
    So...erm...that's the poem! It's not very good, but it's something. :)

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